Ode to Women

Book construction, 28 pages, hardcover. 1998.
Mixed media on burlap, paper, and quilted fabric. 60 inch x 54 inch x 3 inch.

Ode To Women is a celebration to womanhood. This work is a women daily life journal. The twenty-eight pages of the book symbolize the twenty-eight days of the menstruation cycle that connect all women experience.

The pages of the book present issues women deal within society. Women without voice, chained by the media–created image, women apologizing for their existence, jumping obstacles to survive or succeed, leaning on crutches, observers. Also shown their strengths, love and care of women without schedule serving their families. Hope, endurance of women validating their existence trough their daily work, and accomplishments.

This book is about women’s worth who after enduring a silenced existence, their voices are echoed in all means of everyday life.

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